This month we are celebrating all things nutty, highlighting the fantastic array of nuts we use to create a delectable variety of delicious chocolates.

Nuts partner perfectly with both milk and dark chocolate. Our nut-based products are the most popular and extensive group featured across our product range from blocks to bars, chocolate confectionery to truffles. We source only the finest quality ingredients from Australia and around the world including almonds from South Australia's Riverland and Queensland Macadamias.

Some of our most popular nut products available instore and online include:

Scorched Almonds

Our Scorched Almonds are indeed our most popular almond line. Whole almonds from South Australian Riverland are roasted to perfection and coated in our premium milk or dark chocolate, we make over 95 tonnes of these a year!

Available instore and online in a 200g or 440g bag400g Milk & Dark Scorched Almond Gift Tin, 300g Milk Scorched Almonds Gift Box. They also feature in the Chocolate Nut Mixture and Chocolate Fruit & Nix Mixture.

Dark Macadamias

These little beauties are made by dry roasting crunchy Australian macadamias then pan coated them in layers of premium milk or dark chocolate. An all-time favourite, available in 200g bags440g bag (Milk Macadamias only) 300g Milk Macadamias White Gift Box or 180g Milk & Dark Roasted Macadamia Gift Tin

For something different macadamias also feature in the sweet treat Macadamia Toffee Brittle.

Milk Scorched Almond Block

One of the nutty favourites of our delectable chocolate block range, Milk Scorched Almond Block. We blend lightly roasted pieces of Australian almonds with premium milk chocolate to create this scrumptious block you'll find it hard to share. Available 200g bag instore and online.

Roasted Almonds

One of the super stars of our range of loose chocolates. These almonds are double coated in extra chocolate.  We create them by coating lightly roasted almonds in premium milk chocolate, then another layer of premium dark chocolate. Simply divine! They feature in many of the chocolate assortment boxes and available to purchase individually instore from the chocolate cabinet or 125g online.

Fruit & Nut Mixture

A perfect blend of almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, raisins, aprichocs and sultanas, pan coated in our milk or dark chocolate, find something for everyone in this mix. Available in a 200g bag300g Fruit & Nut White Gift Box.

Roasted Hazelnuts

There's nothing quite like the flavour combination of whole roasted crunchy hazelnuts coated in premium milk chocolate - divine! Hazelnuts feature in our Milk Hazelnut Block and Milk Roasted Hazelnuts available in 200g bag.