Introducing our latest flavour combinations with indigenous  co-culture lifestyle brand Warndu under our three-year partnership.

Following the successful releases in 2021 and 2022, the two new limited-edition blocks deliver another tasting experience for chocolate enthusiasts.

Previous releases under the collaboration with Warndu have been immensely popular and exceeded expectations. These exciting flavour profiles give customers the opportunity to experience something truly unique.

Milk Chocolate with Riberry and Sandalwood Nut & Dark Chocolate with Pepper Leaf and Lemon Myrtle are now available in-store and online. The two new blocks are expected to be available for up to twelve months.

The smoothness of the chocolate together with these carefully selected indigenous Australian ingredients makes for a perfect pairing.

Milk Chocolate with Riberry and Sandalwood Nut & Dark Chocolate with Pepperleaf and Lemon Myrtle are now available in store and online here.

Visit Warndu to find out more about who they are, what they are passionate about and what they do.


Native to the tropical areas of Queensland and New South Wales, Riberries have a refreshing, spicy flavour. They have been combined with delicately roasted Sandalwood Nuts grown in the arid Australian Woodlands. 

The combination of Sandalwood Nut toffee with the intensity of Riberry and the creaminess of Haigh's Premium Milk Chocolate delivers a moreish block with a nutty flavour and a burst of zest. 

Pepper Leaf is an aromatic shrub grown in cooler Australian climates, while Lemon Myrtle is a rainforest tree naturally found in wetter coastal areas. 

When carefully blended with Haigh's Premium Dark Chocolate the refreshing citrus flavour of the Lemon Myrtle and the peppery bite of the Pepper Leaf provides a well-balanced block leaving a lingering heat on the palate.