At Haigh's we have had a long tradition of sourcing local ingredients and working with local artisan producers.  Since the introduction of the first native flavoured range of chocolates Australian Collecton in 2003, we have recognised the potential of combining traditional chocolate making techniques with the unique flavours of native ingredients.

In partnership with Clare Valley indigenous company, Warndu, and learning from their depth of knowledge of Australian native food and botanicals, specific ingredients have been selected to showcase the best of our chocolates and the diversity of flavours found in Australian native ingredients.

Warndu means “good” in the Adnyamathanha language, native to the Flinders Ranges country in South Australia. Warndu are an Indigenous owned co-culture lifestyle brand on a mission to regenerate culture, traditions, community, health and soil using our stunning Australian native food and botanicals.

Together we have embarked on a three year journey to further develop Australian native foods and botanicals and how they work with chocolate. 

We are excited to release the first of these chocolates - Milk Chocolate with Finger Lime and Dark Chocolate with Davidson Plum now available in-store and online.


Visit Warndu to find out more about who they are, what they are passionate about and what they do.


Milk Chocolate with Finger Lime

Indigenous to South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, the Finger Lime tree has fruit in a range of vibrant colours. Each fruit is filled with tiny ‘caviar pearls’ bursting with citrus flavour. These fragrant and zesty flavours combined with Haigh’s premium milk chocolate are the perfect balance between creamy and tangy.

Dark Chocolate with Davidson Plum

From the rainforests of Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Davidson Plum is a plump and juicy fruit with deep purple skin and striking red flesh. The earthy aroma and refreshing tartness of the Davidson Plum is a perfect match for the rich cocoa and dried fruit notes of Haigh’s premium dark chocolate.