We are excited to have partnered with three, award-winning gin distilleries from South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria to unveil a stunning, limited edition collaboration.

Together with Adelaide Hills Distillery, Archie Rose Distilling Co. and Melbourne Gin Company we have created three unique chocolates for ‘The Collaboration.’

We pride ourselves on working with Australian producers and suppliers. Each small-batch gin distillery complements our traditional chocolate making process and dedication to producing the highest quality chocolate. We were inspired and excited by the opportunity to experiment with new flavours, to bring together the two different but complementary worlds.

The Collaboration celebrates four separate businesses coming together delivering a new taste experience for our customers.

Sold in a striking navy and copper embossed handmade box by Adelaide company Box Biz, the design features a large ornate ‘C’ that incorporates cocoa pods, citrus fruit and botanicals, an illustrative representation of the four businesses.  The Collaboration contains four of each individual chocolate showcasing a series of distinct tasting notes and shared artisan skill.

  • Milk Adelaide Hills Bitter Orange Ganache – the bitter citrus notes of Adelaide Hills Distillery’s The Bitter Orange Aperitif are skilfully balanced with the sweetness of honey and peach pieces. The subtle spice of mountain pepper and 78° Classic Gin botanicals add extra dimension and freshness to the white chocolate ganache centre
  • Dark Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin Ganache – the native botanicals in Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin are enhanced with the addition of peppermint gum, mountain pepper leaf, pieces of macadamia and sandalwood nuts to make this a complex and uniquely Australian chocolate
  • Milk Melbourne Dry Gin Fudge – Created with a blend of local and exotic botanicals the Melbourne Gin Company’s Melbourne Dry Gin shine in this carefully crafted chocolate. Infused with additional juniper to balance the sweetness of milk chocolate, this is an expression of modern Australian gin


Sacha La Forgia, Head Distiller of Adelaide Hills Distillery said “The Collaboration with Haigh’s Chocolates is an exciting partnership for us. It’s been great to explore the intrinsically linked craftsmanship of both gin and chocolate – the two worlds are more similar than we first thought.”

Will Edwards, Founder of Archie Rose Distilling Co. said “The complex flavours of  the individually distilled botanicals in our Signature Dry Gin marry seamlessly with the various dark, sweet, bitter and textural profiles of Haigh’s Chocolates, making it a perfect pairing.”

Andrew Marks, Founder & Head Distiller of Melbourne Gin Company said about the collaboration “The creation of the Melbourne Gin Company Gin has taken us on a fascinating journey into alchemy. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Haigh’s Chocolates, who are as dedicated to producing outstanding chocolate as we are gin. The result is both classic and unique with a twist of something special.”

The Collaboration box is available for $49.90 from 18 August 2020 at Haigh’s Chocolates stores and online here

Each loose chocolate that directly correlates with the state in which the gin is produced, can be purchased in-store from the cabinet. All three chocolates will be available to purchase online separately.

Until Victorian stage 4 restrictions end, Melbourne customers will be able to purchase The Collaboration box and loose chocolates online.