Speckles have been a favourite with our customers since we first introduced them over 25 years ago.
Today, our cute-as-a-button Speckles are the biggest selling item in our extensive range!

In the past year we made over 60 tonnes of them – that’s almost 9 million Speckles!

These premium quality products are made from our famous milk or dark chocolate, topped with tiny multi-coloured beads of sugar.

And did you know we make these delicous treats upside down!

This is how we do it:

First, our chocolate depositing machine is filled up with our glorious liquid chocolate. Then a tray is partly filled with the sugar beads.

The tray passes under the chocolate depositing machine while dobs of warm chocolate drop from nozzles onto the beads.

That tray then goes through a cooling tunnel and as the chocolate sets, the sugar beads stick to it. The cooled Speckles are shaken out, then hand-packaged into bags, ready to eat. You’ll also be pleased to know the multi-coloured beads topping for both Milk and Dark Speckles are all natural, with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

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