New Origins of Chocolate Gift Range 

We revisit the rich history behind the Cocoa bean for with our new gift range themed “Origins of Chocolate.”

The Origins of Chocolate range takes design cues and flavour profiles from lush equatorial rainforests where cocoa plants thrive through to the ancient Mayans who believed that chocolate was a gift from the gods.

Bold geometric prints are featured across the range with vibrant pops of colour including tangerine orange, bright blue and berry inspired rich red.

When you start to explore the new Origins of Chocolate gift range, you will unearth new and exciting flavours among old favourites showcased in our always inspiring, collectable packaging.

New chocolates include the Acai Berry Dark Tablet, Central American Spiced Milk Tablet, Dark Pineapple Chocs, Dark Chipotle Chilli Crunch and Milk Cinnamon Truffle.

The Origins of Chocolate gift range caters to every occasion. Stylish tins and gift boxes filled with delectable favourites are ideal for family and friends while impressive hampers are perfect for corporate gifts. This colourful collection is bound to spark happiness.

New release chocolates

Dark Pineapple Chocs

Originating from Central America and now popular throughout the world, sweet pineapple fruit centres have been coated in layers of premium dark chocolate to create these moreish limited edition Pineapple Chocs

Milk Cinnamon Truffle

A creamy cinnamon infused truffle centre with a hint of orange, hand-dipped in dark chocolate and lightly dusted in cinnamon and icing sugar.

Dark Chipolte Chilli Crunch

A crunchy macadamia toffee centre infused with chipotle and enrobed in dark chocolate.

Origins of Chocolate Tablets

Native to Central and South America, the tart and earthy flavours of the Acai Berry are perfectly matched with Haigh's premium dark chocolate, creating a balanced chocolate with notes of rich cocoa, red fruits and berries.
Drawing from the flavours from the classic Mexican dish, Mole Poblano, this complex and intriguing tablet is a blend of Central American spices and creamy milk chocolate creating a balance of sweet, savoury and spicy.