Introducing four new exquisite varieties of Single Origin chocolates using a small supply of cocoa beans sourced from Java, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Sao Tome & Principe.

Cocoa beans, like coffee and wine, differ from region to region according to growing conditions, which is how they develop their own unique flavour profiles.

This makes every release of our Single Origin chocolate a truly unique experience.

Long, thin and well-tempered, the Single Origin tablet snaps sharply and is designed to best profile the flavours when tasting. These latest additions to our range boast significant differences in flavour and are available in-store and online for a limited time only.

  1. Milk Chocolate Speckles
  1. Dark Marshmallow Kokette
  1. Milk Honeycomb Block

Dominican Republic – 41% cocoa content

A well rounded milk chocolate with creamy sweetness and cocoa notes balanced by hints of dried fruits, plum and warm wood spices.


Sao Tome & Principe – 56% cocoa content

A dark chocolate with deep cocoa notes and an added aromatic twist of fresh lemon and subtle garden thyme.


Java – 63% cocoa content

An adventurous and bold dark chocolate with deep cocoa flavours balanced by notes of tart citrus, leather and a savoury, smoky overtone.


Costa Rica – 64% cocoa content

A well rounded dark chocolate with deep earthy cocoa flavours, subtle notes of coffee and dried fruit balanced with hints of cherry and grapefruit.