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Easter Collection-Too Good to Hide!

This year we celebrate our 100th Easter with the making of over 4.5 million Chocolate Easter Eggs, use over 70 tonnes of freshly-made chocolate and proudly state that 100% of the Haigh’s made Easter range is made from UTZ Certified cocoa beans.

We are committed to creating the best tasting range of Easter chocolates for our customers, made from a special blend of cocoa beans only weeks before being delivered into our fourteen stores and sold online.

The 2016 Easter Gift range is a classic collection that features a beautiful array of pastel-coloured, hand-foiled Easter eggs inspired by an old foil design book and vintage mould catalogues found in the Haigh’s archives. It includes all the favourites; plain milk and dark chocolate eggs and novelties, eggs filled with scorched almonds, speckles or truffles and the ever popular gift-boxed Honeycomb Egg in milk or dark chocolate. This centenary Easter range also sees the re-introduction of an old favourite, the Frog Egg. The milk chocolate egg is filled with chocolate frogs found once it is broken apart.

And of course the Easter Bilby makes its annual return; Haigh’s has made more than 600,000 over the last twenty three years and continues to donate part proceeds from their sale to The Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia.

Our full Easter range is now available from our 14 stores across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and online.