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New Single Origin Tablets

The unique characteristics of three cocoa growing regions are showcased in Haigh’s Chocolates’ new limited edition Single Origin range.

Crafted especially for chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs, Costa Rica, Madagascar with Vanilla, and Vanuatu boast the depth and range of cocoa flavours particular to the region from which they originate.

Each bar is made from the highest quality cocoa beans sourced from a single location and hand crafted to produce the finest chocolate.

Just like wine or coffee the way the cocoa beans are grown and dried varies in each region. Environmental factors such as soil, rainfall and humidity each add different characteristics to the beans and make Single Origin a unique tasting experience.

The Single Origin chocolate tablet is long and thin and designed to snap sharply to best profile the flavours when tasting.

Each Single Origin tablet boasts significantly different flavours.

Available while stocks last from all 15 Haigh’s Chocolates or shop online here