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New Release Single Origin Ecuador

Introducing the newest member of our new Single Origin chocolate range, the Ecuador Dark Chocolate Tablet.

This well balanced chocolate with 63% cocoa content is full of rich cocoa flavours and has floral notes and along with subtle nutty undertones, flavours that are unique to fine Ecuadorian cooca beans.

The range showcases the depth and range of different flavours available in a staple raw ingredient like cocoa. Cocoa beans, like coffee and wine differ from region to region according to growing conditions and develop their own unique flavour profiles.

The way the beans are grown and dried varies in each region, environmental factors such as soil, rainfall and humidity also add different characteristics to the cocoa bean. This means every release of a Single Origin chocolate is a unique experience.

Ecuador joins Grenada and Papua New Guinea in the Single Origin range and is available for a limited time in-store or online $10.95 / 80g.