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At last scrumptious Rocky Road, Toasted Marshmallow and other seasonal favourites are back!

It’s time to make some hot chocolate and break out the marshmallows! At Haigh’s, we only make these products in the cooler months — because both marshmallow and coconut are very sensitive to warmer temperatures, and we don’t use preservatives in our marshmallow. By making these products available only after Easter until October, we can always guarantee the freshest of ingredients and the very best quality for you.

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Moreish Marshmallow

Milk Rocky Road  — it’s the original and still a huge favourite with so many of our customers. To make our Milk Rocky Road, we hand mix our freshly made fluffy marshmallow with smooth milk chocolate, glacé cherries and almond pieces.

Dark Rocky Road — made by hand mixing fluffy white marshmallow with roasted hazelnuts, glacé cherries and juicy raisins, it’s the perfect winter treat for our dark chocolate fans.

Milk and Dark Marshmallow Kokettes — a generous amount of delicious premium milk or dark chocolate covers light and fluffy vanilla and raspberry-flavoured marshmallow. The thicker layer of chocolate seals in the marshmallow’s freshness, so these marshmallow treats are available all year round.

Toasted Marshmallow — these cubes of fluffy vanilla marshmallow are tossed in toasted coconut and just melt in your mouth. They’re very moreish indeed!


Delicious Coconut

Coconut Rough - clusters of lightly roasted desiccated coconut mixed with milk chocolate, it’s a taste sensation.

Coconut & Macadamia Block  - a truly delicious combination of crunchy Australian macadamia nuts and toasted coconut, mixed with our premium milk chocolate. This product has become a very popular part of our winter collection.