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Haigh's At The Movies

For over 20 years from 1954 Haigh’s had an extended retail network of stores located in cinemas in Adelaide and Mount Gambier; some of their names, Kilkenny Odeon, Goodwood Star, Roxy and The Piccadilly.

The theatre shops were located within or close to cinemas and stocked a full range of popular confectionery, such as Jaffas and Fantales alongside a reasonable proportion of Haigh’s products and cordials.

The success of this part of the business was important for the company; it stimulated production and provided branding opportunities. These shops were supported by an in-theatre tray service, imagine large red trays emblazoned with Haigh’s across the front filled with chocolate and confectionery and carried by trayboys. As the lights came up at interval the boys would appear at their designated positions and await the rush by theatre patrons.

We continue our association with classic cinema by sponsoring the Theatre Organ Society of Australia (SA Division) Inc. who own and operate the Capri Theatre in Goodwood South Australia. The Capri is one of the few remaining single-screen cinemas still showing movies in Adelaide and is listed on the State Heritage Register.

Much of the Capri has been restored to its 1941 Art-Deco and Moderne glory and now boasts the latest projection equipment and Dolby sound system. It's also home to the famous Wurlitzer organ. This world class theatre pipe-organ with its in-theatrew installation is unique in the world. The sound is fantastic and as it sinks back under the floor after a performance the audience bursts into spontaneous applause - it truly is an experience not to be missed.

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