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Taste our Australian Collection

We are celebrating all things Australian with in-store tastings of our Australian Collection.

The Australian Collection is a delicious, unique range of six different chocolates each using native Australian ingredients and sold in a beautifully designed 250g gift box.

Included in this collection are Dark Strawberry Pepperberry Ganache, Milk Wild Lime Jelly, Milk Macadamia Nougat, Milk Wattleseed Crunch, Dark Quandong and Dark Lemon Myrtle Cream.

Each day from Tuesday 20 January through to Monday 26 January, chocolates from this unique collection will be available for a free tasting in Haigh's Chocolates stores. We invite everyone to visit and try something a little different.

20 January - Milk Wattleseed Crunch
Made from the seeds of a drought-tolerant evergreen wattle found all over mainland Australia. This treat has a toffee croquant centre enrobed in milk chocolate.

21 & 25 January - Milk Wild Lime Jelly
We source native limes from the Riverland to create a soft lime jelly puree for the centre of this treat which is then coated in milk chocolate. The very full tart and citrus-y flavour of the native lime is a delicious contrast to the sweetness of the milk chocolate.

22 & 26 January - Dark Quandong
Made from South Australian Riverland glacé quandong with a fondant filling coated in premium dark chocolate.

23 January - Macadamia Honey Nougat
A classic nougat made with premium Australian macadamias and honey from the Adelaide Hills. Available in both milk and dark chocolate.

24 January - Dark Strawberry Pepperberry Ganache
A buttery ganache with strawberry purée. Pepperberry from the Riverland adds just a touch of a zing, and it’s coated in delicious dark chocolate.