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Cooking with Haigh's

Cooking with premium quality chocolate can make all the difference to the end result.

Discover how to use Haigh’s chocolate in your cooking with our recipe collection, including four new delicious recipes that you can easily make at home using our premium quality chocolate.

Haigh’s specific cooking chocolate is known as Dark Chocolate Couverture. Couverture is a French word for ‘covering’ or ‘coating’ and as the name suggests it relates to a chocolate suitable for enrobing or coating centres. The thickness of the chocolate blend is formulated specially to melt well, flow and coat evenly, yet still hold a mark or other decoration.  It’s ideal for cooking, chocolate making, cake decorating or just eating!

You don’t have to use just our Dark Chocolate Couverture in your cooking though, our milk and dark pastilles or block chocolate can also be used to make scrumptious desserts and treats. 

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