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Chocalicious Chocs!

It's the perfect time of year to wind down and relax with a Haigh’s chocalicious choc treat!

This month we celebrate a selection of our Pan Line range of 'chocs'. Those chocalicious chocolate treats made by our special panning process. We create them by placing centres inside a large rotating drum and spraying them with a thin shower of chocolate as they tumble until they are evenly coated with a generous amount of milk or dark chocolate. Rotating inside the drum also rounds the pieces which are then perfectly polished in large pan.

Historically, chocolates such as Aprichocs, Scorched Almonds and Caramel Chocs were very popular when Haigh’s operated the concessions at Adelaide theatres and cinemas in the 1950’s and 60’s. Since then we have since expanded our 'choc' range to include Berrychocs, Milk and Dark Liquorice Chocs, Maltichocs, Dark Aprichocs and Orange Chocs.

This range of delicious ‘chocs ‘ are perfect for sharing with family and friends or just for yourself.