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Award Winning Single Origin

Introducing two exquisite Single Origin chocolates — Grenada Lime and Chilli Dark Chocolate Tablet, as well as Papua New Guinea Milk Chocolate Tablet. Both these chocolates showcase the amazing range of flavours it’s possible to enjoy when eating chocolate. They join our Grenada Single Origin Dark chocolate released last year.

Cocoa beans, like coffee and wine, differ from region to region according to growing conditions, which is how they develop their own unique flavour profiles. This makes every release of our Single Origin chocolate a truly unique experience. Long, thin and well-tempered, the Single Origin tablet snaps sharply and is designed to best profile the flavours when tasting. These latest additions to the range boast significant differences in flavour.

We only have access to a small supply of these special cocoa beans, so the Grenada Lime and Chilli Dark Chocolate Tablet and Papua New Guinea Milk Chocolate Tablet will be available for a limited time only.

Award Winning

The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards area seal of quality and continue to promote best practice and excellence in Australian fine food and beverage. In March 2015 we were delighted to receive two gold medals for our Single Origin chocolates  - Grenada and Papua New Guinea Single Origin Milk Chocolate.


Tasting Notes

Papua New Guinea Milk Chocolate Tablet

Premium milk chocolate (42% cocoa solids) made with beans sourced from Tokiala PNG, this chocolate features full cocoa flavours, earthy notes and a slight smoky finish balanced by a rich creaminess from the addition of milk in this strikingly high cocoa content chocolate.

Grenada Lime and Chilli Dark Chocolate Tablet

Premium dark chocolate (61% cocoa solids) made using Grenada’s renowned Trinitario cocoa beans. A complex chocolate which presents rich cocoa flavours with notes of ripe, preserved fruit and molasses with a refreshing lift of zesty lime and a warm dash of chilli.

Grenada Dark Chocolate Tablet

Premium dark chocolate (61% cocoa solids)made from Grenada’s Trinitario cocoa beans, this chocolate presents a rich, sweet balanced flavour.

  • Our Quality Guarantee

    At Haigh’s we have been making fine chocolates in Australia since 1915 for our customers to enjoy. We will continue to source only the very best ingredients, including premium cocoa beans, and use artisan skills combined with specialised chocolate making techniques to create award winning chocolates.


  • Delivery Promise

    The chocolates you have chosen with great care will be packaged with attention to detail and we will endeavour to deliver your order in a timely manner anywhere in Australia every time.