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Milk Chocolate Assortment

300g  /  PLU31
This elegantly packaged assortment contains soft and hard centres coated in Haigh's milk chocolate. Makes a beautiful birthday present or gift for a special occasion.

This 300g Milk Chocolate Assortment contains:
• Almond Krokant
• Turkish Delight
• Hard Caramel
• Wattleseed Crunch
• Mango Fruit
• Macadamia Nougat
• Raspberry Cream
• Almond Cluster
• Peppermint Cream
• Rum & Raisin Fudge
• Crème de Café
• Café Latte Truffle
• Almond Vanilla Nougat
• Milk Sticky Date Pudding
• Milk Honey Ganache
• A Haigh's chocolate guide to identify each chocolate

Note: Whilst the chocolates shown is for illustrative purposes, the end result will be just as carefully prepared. Please refer to ‘What’s Inside’ for current individual chocolate inclusions.

Product Information

Ingredients: Chocolate(47%)(Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids, Soya Lecithin, Vanilla), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Almonds, Macadamias, Dates, Raisins,Raspberry, Elderberry, Cherries, Mango,Pear, Wattleseed, Milk, Wheat Malt, Ghee, Egg, Honey, Vegetable Oil, Rum, Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Invertase, Food Acid(330, 331, 336), Citrus Pectin(440a), Vegetable Gum (414), Glazing Agent(904), Preservative(202,211, 220, 223), Flavours, Colours(120, 129,160a,160c,162, 171, 172, Natural Concentrates of Safflower, Spirulina), Dextrose,Wheat Starch

Contains: Almonds, Dairy, Egg, Macadamias, Soya, Wheat

May be present: Other Nuts

Nutrition Information

  • Average servings per packet: 21
  • Serving size: 15g
Per serve Per 100g
Energy 284kJ 1900kJ
Protein < 1g 4.8g
Fat (total) 3.2g 21.0g
Saturated 1.6g 10.3g
Carbohydrates 9.4g 62.4g
Sugars 8.6g 57.2g
Sodium 14mg 92mg