Assorted Milk Chocolates Egg

Chocolate Type: Milk Chocolate
PLU: 760
UTZ Certified
Product Description
Foiled and ribboned medium milk chocolate egg filled with a selection of milk chocolates
Nutritional Information
Average servings per packet: 12
Serving size: 25g
  Per serve Per 100g
Energy 536kJ 2150kJ
Protein 1.5g 6.1g
Fat (total) 7.2g 28.6g
 Saturated 3.8g 15.3g
Carbohydrates 14.5g 58.1g
 Sugars 13.9g 55.6g
Sodium 19mg 75mg
Ingredients: Chocolate(65%)(Sugar| Cocoa Mass| Cocoa Butter| Milk Solids| Soya Lecithin| Vanilla)| Sugar| Glucose Syrup| Macadamias| Pear| Mango| Raisins| Raspberries| Elderberries| Milk| Vegetable Oil| Ghee| Wheat Malt| Eggs| Honey| Rum| Cocoa Powder| Coffee| Flavours| Invertase| Pectin(440)| Food Acids(330)| Preservative(220| 223)| Colours(100| 120| 160a| 160c| 162| 170| 171| 172| Concentrate of Carrot)| Glazing Agent(904)| Vegetable Gum(414)
Contains: Dairy, Egg, Macadamia, Soya, Wheat
May be present: Other Nuts

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