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New Limited Edition Single Origin

Our four new Single Origin Tablets - Ecuador, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Dominican Republic are a delicious example of sourcing the very best ingredients for our chocolates.

Available for a limited time, these premium chocolates have been developed to showcase the depth and range of flavours available from high quality cocoa beans from each region.

The taste of cocoa, like coffee and wine, differs in flavour according to the environment in which it is produced. The way the beans are grown and dried also varies from region to region giving additional flavour characteristics to the cocoa beans.

Environmental factors such as soil, rainfall and humidity add different characteristics to the bean. This makes every release of Single Origin chocolate a unique taste experience.

Long, thin and well-tempered, the Single Origin chocolate tablet snaps sharply and is designed to best profile the flavours when tasting.  These latest Single Origin chocolates boast significant differences in flavour.