What we do to help

September 25, 2012

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

100% recyclable

Our cardboard boxes, glass, paper bags, foil and gift wrapping paper are 100% recyclable. Our 200g Ballotin box tray insert is made from non-Genetically Modified corn starch.  The tray is fully biodegradable, water dispersible and home compostable.  Our cello bags are now fully biodegradable.  We are also converting our clear PVC boxes to fully recyclable PET, eliminating the need for ten or more boxes to enter the waste stream.

Gift Packaging

We develop many keep sake collectable and re-useable gift items from tinware, fabric bags, glass and wooden containers. In this way we reduce the amount of throw –away packaging and at the same time offer a unique range of ever-changing seasonal gifts.

To read more about our environmental commitment click ‘here’.

Download a copy of our brochure  Reducing Environmental Impact to read about other ways we are helping the environment.