Treasured Truffles

July 23, 2013

Our premium chocolate hand-made truffles are our most treasured chocolates.

Truffles are perfect for a special occasion, to give as a gift or to enjoy after dinner. You can select your favourites individually from the cabinet or purchase boxed assortments in a range of sizes. When you take a  viewing tour at our Parkside factory you will see our highly skilled artisanal team hard at work creating these delicious treats.

There are ten varieties to choose from:


An elegant centre made with French Champagne providing refreshing  bursts of fragrant fruit that lingers on the palate with a long velvety dark chocolate finish.


Deliciously smooth caramel mixed with white chocolate centre that has been double hand coated in premium dark chocolate mixed with a secret ingredient to provide a delightful toffee crunch.


Our chocolate makers have crafted this  full bodied centre from a blend of shiraz and Haigh’s premium dark chocolate. Generous ripe berry overtones in the centre followed by rich varietal chocolate and vanilla bean.


A carefully blended centre of generous proportions, tangy orange Cointreau liqueur  combined with Haigh’s rich dark chocolate.   The tastebuds will appreciate the subtle integration with premium milk chocolate to ensure a long clean citrus filled finish.


A soft butter truffle centre coated in Haigh’s dark chocolate, dusted with cocoa powder and wrapped in gold foil.


A soft dark chocolate centre flavoured with real coffee, then dipped in a swirl coating of white chocolate and milk chocolate.


A smooth, deliciously tangy lemon centre, generously coated in a creamy white chocolate.


A smooth hazelnut praline centre, tossed in crunchy caramelised hazelnut pieces then hand dipped in milk chocolate.


A soft, smooth and creamy tart raspberry puree truffle centre, hand dipped in white chocolate and then dark chocolate.