The Night Before Christmas

November 5, 2013

It was the night before Christmas and in the factory at Haigh’s, there were people making chocolates in over 200 ways! Wonderful treats full of Christmas cheer,to celebrate Santa and his team of reindeer!

Our 2013 Christmas collection in blue, gold and silver beautifully captures the magic of this special season.

This year features stars and moons on printed fabric gifts, a series of collectable tins and exquisite gift boxes filled with Haigh’s favourite centres making them the perfect gift for everyone!

This year we have also created two stunning chocolates exclusively for Christmas; Blueberry Mousse and Egg Nog Cream.

The Blueberry Mousse,  is a smooth blueberry studded white chocolate mousse centre enrobed in premium dark chocolate with a delicate blue decoration and Egg Nog Cream,  a silken smooth frappe cream centre flavoured with traditional Christmas spices and rum then enrobed in premium milk chocolate with a golden star decoration.

Also new to the range this year are Chocolate Spiced Almonds, lightly roasted almonds deliciously coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate, overlaid with creamy white chocolate and dusted with Christmas spices; and Blueberry and Chocolate Biscuits presented in a gold star cylinder. Also the striking Votive Tin with 450g of scorched almonds makes a beautiful candle holder after the chocolate is gone.

View the 2013 Christmas collection here.