Original Fruits Collection

February 6, 2013

Celebrating our heritage

Times and tastes may change but – as they have for 98 years – the ingredients that make our Original Fruits Collection stay the same quality, creativity and a rich helping of fruits.

The Original Fruits Collection contains a unique fruit assortment and complements the European and Australian Collections.

Queensland mangoes and South Australian Riverland quandongs and apricots are used in the Collection.

For all Haigh’s products, quality is essential.  Our close relationship with local suppliers ensures that we can always rely on superb produce for our artisan chocolates.  Buying local produce reduces our carbon footprint enabling us to support the environment as well as the local economy.

The first Haigh’s fruit of the collection– the original Apricot Fruit – was created in 1922 by Alfred Haigh, who founded Haigh’s Chocolates in 1915.

The Original Fruit Collection is now available at a special price for a short time only.

Normally $35.95 now $29.95 (250g).

In the box you will find:

Dark Apricot Fruit - finest Australian apricots with a fondant cream centre enrobed in dark chocolate.
Dark Quandong - a fruit centre prepared from glaced quandong with a fondant cream filling enrobed in dark chocolate.
Milk Mango Fruit - a soft fruit centre made from premium Australian mangoes and pears enrobed in milk chocolate.
Dark Plum Liqueur - plump Australian dried plums marinated in mirabel liqueur, dipped in fondant and then enrobed in dark chocolate.
Milk Ginger - finest glacéd ginger enrobed in milk chocolate.
Dark Pineapple Liqueur- glaced pineapple pieces marinated in pineapple liqueur, then dipped in fondant and enrobed in dark chocolate.
Orange Slice - segments of glacéd oranges enrobed in dark chocolate.
Dark Cherry Liqueur - australian glaced cherries marinated in cherry brandy dipped in fondant then enrobed in dark chocolate and wrapped in red foil.