Marshmallow & Coconut Season Closing Soon

September 24, 2013

Our marshmallow and coconut products are still in-store, but not for much longer!

For fans of our marshmallow and coconut products the season is coming to a close for another year.  Our factory is winding up production at the end of September, so if you love any of our marshmallow or coconut products, be quick !

Coconut and Macadamia Block is fast becoming a seasonal favourite. A delicious combination of crunchy Australian macadamia nuts and toasted coconut mixed with our premium milk chocolate.

Rocky Road fans have the choice of two great flavours; smooth premium milk chocolate with fluffy marshmallow plus cherries and almonds or delicious dark premium chocolate with hazelnuts, cherries and raisins.

Our ever popular Coconut Rough is a cluster of lightly roasted dessicated coconut hand mixed with premium milk chocolate – delicious.

Our Kokettes are made with natural flavours and contain no preservatives. The sweet layers of vanilla and raspberry flavoured marshmallow comes covered in premium milk or dark chocolate. You can buy them individually or  in a pack of 4.

And last but not least Toasted Marshmallow,  light and fluffy it just melts in your mouth!




Coconut and Macadamia Block - $9.95 for 200g.
Milk Rocky Road - available in a 200g bag for $8.50, or Dark Rocky Road - available in a 200g bag for $8.95.
Coconut Rough - $12.20 per 100g.
Dark or Milk Chocolate Kokettes $5.60 for 4 pack
Melt in your mouth Toasted Marshmallow - $5.95 for 200g bag