Late Harvest

May 13, 2013

As the cooler Autumn weather sets in and the leaves start to colour off in glorious hues of amber and copper, the farmers bring in their late harvests before Winter frosts set in.

This month at Haigh’s we are celebrating late harvest by featuring the fantastic array of nuts grown here and around the world.

Nuts are the perfect partners to both milk and dark chocolate. Our nut products are both the most popular and extensive group. They’re featured across our product range from blocks to bars, chocolate confectionery to truffles.

Here are some of our favourites:

Nut Mixture

A delicious blend of premium quality nuts including almonds, cashews, macadamias and hazelnuts generously coated in premium milk or dark chocolate. Available in a 200g bag for $8.25

Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts

Smooth premium milk chocolate is perfectly matched with the delicious crunch of whole roasted hazelnuts. Available in a 200g bag for $8.70.

Macadamia Crunch Bars

Our Macadamia Crunch Bar is a crunchy roasted macadamia and coconut butter toffee centre, generously coated in Haigh’s premium milk chocolate.

It is made with only with the best ingredients including macadamias from plantations in Queensland that are sent to us after being freshly roasted.  Available individually for $2.75 each or  in a pack of 4 for $10.80.

Roasted Almond

These almonds are double dipped!  Lightly roasted almonds are first coated in premium milk chocolate, then hand dipped in premium dark chocolate. Simply divine!  $11.80 per 100g

Praline Truffle

A smooth hazelnut praline centre, tossed in crunchy caramelised hazelnut pieces then hand dipped in milk chocolate. $12.40 per 100g

Roasted Almond Block

Premium milk chocolate combined with Australian roasted almond pieces. Available in a 200g bag for $9.60.