Haigh’s achieves Sustainable Cocoa Certification

March 19, 2014

UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea with better opportunities for farmers,their families and our planet.

We are proud to be the first Australian-owned bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer to achieve international UTZ certification for ethically and sustainably farmed cocoa beans, which includes a zero-tolerance policy towards trafficked child labour.

UTZ certification puts Haigh’s at the forefront of a sustainable production program that spans cocoa-growing countries from Ghana in West Africa to Peru in South America.

UTZ certified cocoa has been used for all of our 2014 Easter range, including every Easter Egg and Easter Bilby. This is good news for cocoa farmers who supply Haigh’s and it’s also good news for customers to know that they are enjoying delicious chocolate and doing the right thing by farmers and families in emerging economies.

Overall, we source  70 percent of our cocoa beans from UTZ certified farms and we expect to achieve purchasing 100 percent of our cocoa as UTZ certified within three years.

The international UTZ program exposes farmers to better farming methods and helps them to improve working conditions and take better care of their families and the environment.

Our UTZ certification is the culmination of years of preparation and planning and a rigorous six-month certification process resulting in an impressive sourcing of 70 percent certified cocoa.

We want only the best beans that are ethically produced to reward farmers and care for sensitive environments. We chose to partner with UTZ Certified because of their strong focus on supporting sustainable farming and their traceability system which assures that UTZ certified products truly relate to certified sustainable sources.

You can read more about our Sustainability here.