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From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Pod

At Haigh’s we are proud to be a specialist chocolate retailer making chocolate from the cocoa bean.

We source small quantities of premium beans from around the world with unique flavour profiles. We then put them through a number of precise step-by-step processes to turn them from cocoa beans into our premium quality chocolate.

Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa Pods and Dark Chocolate Half Cocoa Pods with Nibs have been made in celebration of our artisan chocolate making heritage and our ongoing commitment to starting with the bean.

The hollow moulded Dark Chocolate Cocoa Pod and Dark Chocolate Half Cocoa Pod with Nibs make a unique gift and story of how Haigh’s make chocolate from the cocoa bean. They are part of our Gourmet Range of products.

 Dark Chocolate Cocoa PodCocoa-pod-smaller

The cocoa pod is the fruit picked from the Cacao Tree grown in hot, rainy tropical areas of the world. This is where the chocolate making journey begins.  The cocoa pod contains cocoa beans which are later roasted to produce chocolate.

Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa Pod is a true to life size and shape of the cocoa pod.

Made from 100g of Haigh’s premium dark chocolate and hand finished with a delicate bronze lustre, the Pod is hand packaged into a clear recyclable cylinder with gold coloured caps. Priced at $19.50.

Dark Chocolate Half Cocoa Pod with NibsCocoa-Pod-with-Nibs-smaller

During the chocolate making process the outer shells of roasted cocoa beans are removed to leave small nibs. These richly flavoured Ecuadorian cocoa nibs have been delicately coated in premium dark chocolate to create an amazing chocolate experience.

The unique crunchy texture and nib flavours are accompanied with well-developed fruit notes such as banana, passionfruit and ripe plums. The light chocolate coating enables the cocoa characters to prevail with a moreish bittersweet finish.

The Dark Chocolate Half  Cocoa Pod is made from Haigh's premium chocolate, filled with dark chocolate coated cocoa nibs and packaged by hand. Priced at $16.95.

All About The Cocoa Pod & Cocoa Beans

Chocolate is made from cacao beans which come from the fruit pod of the cacao tree (Thebroma cacao).  Like wine grapes, cacao or cocoa beans have different characteristics depending on area of origin, soil, temperature, sunshine and rainfall.

Thebroma cacao is a small evergreen tree that grows naturally under rainforest canopies in the tropical regions of South America, Papua New Guinea and Africa. The tree produces fruit (the cacao pod) all year around. The pods are shaped like small melons and their colour varies as the fruit matures from green, red, vivid purples to golden yellow, orange and brown. Once mature they are harvested and split open to extract the beans which are cured and dried to be made into chocolate. See here how we turn cocoa beans into our delicious chocolate.

There are four main types of cacao beans:

Forastero - the most widely grown bean around the world. It is cultivated for mass production and has the strongest flavour. Grown in West Africa, Central and South America it makes up approximately 90% of the world's cocoa production.

Criollo -  the most sought after beans by high-end artisan chocolate makers, they are considered to be the original and best cocoa bean for chocolate making with a milder flavour and complex taste. A rarer variety and harder to grow, this bean is typically harvested in Central America and some parts of the Carribean.

Trinitario - a hybrid bean of Criollo and Forestero and originating in Trinidad. It is now grown in parts of Papua New Guinea and Venezuela. Its fine flavour and spiciness sees it often used in production of high quality dark chocolate.

Nacional - the world's rarest type of bean and most difficult to grow, these beans have a strong creamy flavour, floral aroma and grown in areas such as South America and the Andes.