Flavours of Summer

December 27, 2013

Summer holidays are filled with warm days, ice cream sundaes, smooth milk shakes and the classic flavours of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

Our range of chocolates includes a wide variety of these delicious flavours to choose from and enjoy. Here are some of our favourites. Have you tried them all?

Strawberry Block – Creamy white chocolate with added dried strawberry pieces finishing with berry burst.

Strawberry & Pepperberry Ganache  – A smooth strawberry ganache centre, spiced with Australian Pepperberry and a touch of balsamic vinegar, then coated in premium dark chocolate

Berry Chocs -soft strawberry and raspberry flavoured fruit centres with a creamy white chocolate coating then generously coated in layers of premium milk chocolate and dark chocolate

Vanilla Fudge Bar – A soft fudge bar flavoured with vanilla bean and enrobed in dark chocolate.

Dark Vanilla Almond Cream – A smooth, fondant cream flavoured with vanilla bean, enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with whole almond kernel.

Dessert Block - A unique 50-50% blend of our premium creamy milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate. Smooth and delicious it’s ideal for eating on its own or even used in a chocolate fondue enjoyed with family and friends.

Milk Pastilles and Dark Pastilles – these button like morsels of milk or dark chocolate are perfect to share and enjoy. They can also be used in cooking recipes including our Chocolate Chip Cookies or melted in our Chocolate Fondue.

70% Dark Cocoa – made from a unique blend of premium South American and African cocoa beans, this chocolate has that special full-roasted flavour and smoothness.