Easter Colouring in Competition Winners

March 27, 2013

Easter prize pack winners

Congratulations to our winners of our Easter colouring in competition.  Winners have been contacted by our stores and are listed below.

Beehive Corner
Block Arcade
Strand Arcade
1st C Mezzini
2nd Kimberly
3rd E Goode
1st C Campbell
2nd A Campbell
3rd S Gardam
1st M Wann
2nd A Roach
3rd A Ulm
Adelaide Arcade
Swanston Walk
Queen Victoria Building
1st A Papanicolas
2nd A Tran
3rd C Stewart
1st L Wong
2nd J Louey
3rd C Zou
1st K Hindson
2nd A Krakowszky
3rd S Bajugi
Victoria   Square
Collins   Street
1st A Leonard
2nd A Sypek
3rd H Fowler
1st C Prentice
2nd A Vaca
3rd A Pitcher
Visitor Centre
Rialto   on Collins
1st N Whyatt
2nd C Molineux
3rd E Hodgkinson
1st M Kujovic
2nd to be confirmed
3rd to be confirmed
1st N Hremias
2nd K Murphy
3rd S Barthwick
1st to be confirmed
2nd to be confirmed
3rd to be confirmed
Toorak   Village
1st A Blanksby
2nd L Basile
3rd G Ritchie