Cinema Mixture Returns

August 13, 2012

Our Cinema Mixture has been reinvented
and makes a return to our stores.

Our Cinema Mixture  is a decadent mix of milk, dark and white chocolate confectionery centres including Citrus Chocs, Malti-chocs, Milk and Dark Liquorice Chocs, Orange Chocs and Caramel Chocs. Available in a large 450g tin or 200g bag these favourites are just perfect for sharing anytime.

Which one do you love?

Citrus Chocs - soft flavoured lime and fruit centres generously coated in layers of creamy white chocolate.
Maltichocs - a crunchy malt centre coated in milk chocolate.
Dark Liquorice Chocs - pieces of liquorice coated in premium dark chocolate.
Milk Liquorice - pieces of liquorice coated in premium milk chocolate.
Caramel Chocs - a chewy caramel centre coated in premium milk chocolate.
Orange Chocs - orange flavoured chewy nougat centre coated firstly in premium milk chocolate then a final thick coating of premium dark chocolate.