Celebrating Easter Bilby

February 14, 2013

This year’s 20th anniversary of Haigh’s chocolate Easter Bilby marks two decades of environmental gain from one of Australia’s longest environmental partnerships between Haigh’s Chocolates and the Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia (RFA).  To celebrate the milestone we have developed a limited edition Easter Bilby Gift Collection that will be instore 26th February.

The Haigh’s chocolate Easter Bilby story began in 1993 when the RFA asked Haigh’s to help it develop and promote an authentic Australian icon for Easter based on the endangered bilby. We then produced the RFA approved chocolate Easter Bilby which proved such a success with our customers that after just two years we stopped making chocolate Easter Bunnies and focused solely on the bilby.

Over the last 20 years we have produced more than 500,000 chocolate bilbies with part proceeds from the sale of every chocolate Easter Bilby to the RFA to assist with their environmental initiatives.

Our classic chocolate Easter Bilbies are available in four sizes – large or small, in either milk or dark chocolate and comes with a selection of milk or dark chocolate mini eggs.

The 20th anniversary limited edition Easter Bilby Gift Collection contains a series of collectable gifts including a traditional ceramic mug and matching egg cup, a beautifully illustrated gift tin filled with milk chocolate baby bilbies and an adorable soft toy family of bilbies.  The chocolate Easter Bilby will be available in all Haigh’s stores from 15 February.