Caramel Creations

October 16, 2012

Presenting Haigh’s Caramel Creations, rich and delicious. Have you tried them all?

Caramel Chocs

A chewy caramel centre generously coated in Haigh’s milk chocolate. Available in 300g Gift Box, 200g bag or in our Cinema Mixture.

Chocolate Caramel Fudge

A layer of smooth rich dark chocolate fudge tops a sweet creamy layer of milk chocolate caramel fudge.

Milk or Dark Caramel

A classic, hard chewy caramel centre enrobed in dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

Wattleseed Toffee Crunch

A crunchy wattle seed toffee chocolate centre enrobed in milk chocolate.

Caramel Bars

A semi-soft chewy caramel centre flavoured with malt and enrobed in milk chocolate.

Macadamia Crunch Bars

A crunchy roasted macadamia and coconut toffee centre enrobed in milk chocolate.