Around the World with Single Origin

September 2, 2013

Our Single Origin Chocolate Collection includes three premium quality tablets made with beans from Ecuador, Vanuatu & Peru.

Cocoa beans, like coffee and wine, differ from region to region according to growing conditions. The way beans are grown and dried varies in each region.  Environmental factors such as soil, rainfall and humidity add different characteristics to the bean. To read more click here for our story on cocoa pods.

Over the years our customers have become increasingly interested in the origin and characteristics of food and drinks.  With single origin chocolate we can showcase the depth and range of flavours in a staple raw material like cocoa.  It is a great way for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs to put their taste buds to the test and identify the unique characteristics of each chocolate.

There are significant differences of flavour between the three different Single Origin chocolates :

  • Ecuador – premium dark chocolate (71% cocoa solids) with delicate cocoa flavours and a floral hint
  • Vanuatu – premium milk chocolate (44%) with caramel qualities and a slightly smoky back note
  • Peru – premium dark chocolate (64%) with fruity notes and a slightly bitter finish.

Our traditional premium chocolate blends are generally with a mixture of beans from two or three regions to create well-rounded, balanced, specific formulas with characteristics that suit each application.

These single origin chocolates are best-suited to eating on their own and not for coating centres.

As such, we have designed the shape of the single origin chocolate tablet to best profile the flavours when tasting.  It is long, thin, well tempered and snaps sharply – perfect for experiencing these unique characteristics.

The Single Origin Chocolate tablets, are available  for $10.50.