A Delicious Range of Chocolate Blocks

September 24, 2013

We have a delicious range of milk and dark block chocolate to tempt everyone’s taste buds and we promise you'll quickly find a favourite.

Dark Chocolate Couverture

A premium quality richly flavoured dark chocolate that can appreciated on its own or is perfect for the creation of delicious chocolate desserts $8.95 for 200g bag.

Dark Orange block

Juicy sun-drenched candied oranges diced and blended through premium dark chocolate. $9.95 for 200g bag.

Peppermint Block

Crunchy peppermint pieces blended through smooth premium dark chocolate $9.95 for 200g bag.

Ginger Block

Juicy pieces of glaced ginger blended through premium dark chocolate. $9.95 for 200g bag.

Premium Fruit and Nut Block

Premium dark chocolate block bursting with flavor full of pistachios, pecans, dried apricots, cranberries, goji berries, sunflower seeds and pepitas. $9.95 for 200g bag.

Almond Block

Premium milk chocolate with roasted Australian almond pieces. $9.95 for a 200g bag.

Strawberry Block

Creamy white chocolate with added strawberry pieces, finishing with a berry burst $9.95 for 200g bag.

Coffee Crunch Block

Coffee flavoured milk block with coffee crunch pieces. $9.95 for 200g bag

Milk Chocolate Block

Our classic creamy premium milk chocolate block $8.95 for 200g bag.

Honeycomb Block

Premium milk chocolate block with a crunch of honeycomb pieces $9.95 for 200g bag.

Hazelnut Block

Premium milk chocolate with roasted hazelnut pieces $9.95 for 200g bag.

Macadamia & Toasted Coconut Block*

Fast becoming a seasonal favourite, this block is a delicious combination of crunchy Australian macadamia nuts and toasted coconut mixed with our premium milk chocolate. * Only available from April to October $9.95 for 200g bag.

Dessert Block

Blended milk and dark premium chocolate $8.95 for 200g.