My Name is Max – I have Autism

Chief Executive Alister Haigh was very touched recently to hear of the positive impact Haigh’s Chocolates has had on the life of Ewan Scott as he faces the challenges of Autism. His mother Cassandra has written a book to help others understand this condition at a child’s reading level. It is a free digital resource to help people understand that whilst we are all the same, we are all very different.

An extract from a Foreward written by Alister Haigh for the book ‘My Name is Max – I have Autism’ written by Cassandra Scott & illustrated by Ewan Scott.

“When my great grandfather Alfred Haigh started in chocolate in 1915 I am sure he could not have imagined the positive impact Haigh’s chocolates would have on people. 

Haigh’s has always strived to help the community and individuals where possible and new research is showing that some chocolates have health benefits. Even the Harry Potter series claimed chocolate is a ‘cure all’ and while this claim may be exaggerated, chocolate has long been used as a motivator and reward.

Recently I learned of an autistic child name Ewan who was unable to speak and be understood due to poor muscle tone in his mouth. In order to build his muscle tone he had to endure laborious and repetitive speech therapy exercises over many years. His mother Cassandra Scott who is the author of this book found motivating Ewan a challenge but knew he had a penchant for chocolate and would do just about anything to get some.

As Cassandra grew up in Adelaide she knew and loved Haigh’s products and found Haigh’s Milk Chocolate Frogs and Speckles were a great motivator and reward for Ewan to do his exercises. After years of perseverance Ewan at the age of 5 began to speak and be understood.

Having had the pleasure of meeting both Cassandra and Ewan I can see he has gone from strength to strength and is now attending a mainstream school. I think this is a testament to the love and perseverance shown by Cassandra and if some of our products have helped along the way we are absolutely delighted.

This book reflects Cassandra’s words to explain autism in children’s language and Ewan’s interpretations through the illustrations should help others understand the condition.” 

To read Cassandra Scott’s online book My Name is Max – I have Autism click