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The Giant Panda

In 2009 we joined forces with Adelaide Zoo to help save one of the world’s most endangered species, the Giant Panda.

Wang Wang and Funi would be the first breeding pair of Giant Pandas to live permanently in the southern hemisphere so it was no surprise that before their arrival in September 2009, Panda excitement in Adelaide built to a frenzy.

From China With Love

As the international symbol for species conservation, the Giant Panda is a much-loved icon and national treasure for the People’s Republic of China. Native to China’s high mountainous regions, these gentle creatures are under threat of extinction due to their naturally slow breeding rate and loss of habitat. To ensure their survival, a world-wide cooperative breeding and research program is now underway. Wang Wang and Funi’s stay in Australia brings home an important message about conserving endangered wildlife. At the same time, it provides a unique opportunity to further our understanding of this rare and charismatic animal. With less than 1600 Giant Pandas remaining in the wild, scientists from Zoos SA Conservation will work with Chinese colleagues on research and conservation projects to help improve our knowledge of Giant Panda nutrition and reproductive biology.

One of Only Nine Zoos

Zoos South Australia is playing an important role and is one of only 9 zoos in the world outside of China to exhibit pandas. Wang Wang and Funi are the first Giant Pandas to take up long-term residency in Australia. During their 10-year stay, it is hoped the pair will breed and provide valuable research to further our understanding of this much-loved species.

Haigh’s Pandas

At Haigh’s we are extremely proud to have joined the Adelaide Zoo as a corporate partner with part proceeds from sales of each 125g Panda chocolate donated to the Adelaide Zoo for their Panda Nutrition and Reproductive Programs. Our chocolate Panda range includes soft Panda toys and features our chocolate Giant Panda. Made of 125g of solid premium milk chocolate, its design was inspired by the official Adelaide Zoo Panda logo which depicts the panda as a Chinese calligraphy character. Click here or further information on the Adelaide Zoo and the Panda Exhibit.