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The Frog


Frogs aren’t just cute little amphibians, they also give us valuable clues to the shape of the environment and in particular, the health of our waterways.

If you can hear the frogs singing in chorus then the environment’s in great shape — but if the frogs are quiet, then there’s something wrong with the environment that we need to take a look at.

It’s a sad fact that one third to one half of the world’s amphibian species are currently threatened with extinction. For over 120 species it’s already too late.

At Haigh’s Chocolates we have supported a number of research projects to protect Australia’s endangered frog species and their fragile environment.

Haigh’s chocolate Frogs have been enjoyed by generations of Australians since we first introduced them in the 1930s. Made from our award-winning chocolate, Haigh’s Frogs are available in three sizes — Original (20g), Midi (125g) and Super Frog (375g) in four fabulous flavours – milk, dark, milk peppermint and dark peppermint.

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