Making Our Chocolate

At Haigh’s Chocolates we’re one of only a few specialist chocolate retailers in the world making premium chocolate from the cocoa bean.

A quality product can only be created using the best ingredients – that’s why we source the very best cocoa beans from around the world. Then, at our factory, we put them through a number of processes to turn them from cocoa bean into liquid chocolate.

The first step is the roasting. In our Sirocco roaster, the beans are carefully roasted at high temperature then it’s off to the winnower. Here, the outer husk of the bean is cracked and then blown away. What were cocoa beans are now cocoa ‘nibs’. In our nib mill, these are ground into a thick, dark, bitter cocoa liquor.

Now it’s time for the mixing. The cocoa liquor is pressed and blended with cocoa butter, vanilla and icing sugar, as well as milk powder if we’re making milk chocolate.

We now have chocolate paste. This is put through the roller mill and refined into an extremely fine powder. This process helps give our chocolate that wonderful smoothness on the palate.

Now for the final stage. In the conching machine, more cocoa butter is added and the chocolate paste is beaten. Then beaten some more. It’s this extra time of mixing and beating, of aerating the chocolate which gives the flavours and texture enough time to fully develop. The result? Sweet liquid chocolate.

Our centres

Now that we have our sweet liquid chocolate, the real fun begins as we use it to make our delicious products.

We’re committed to keeping our traditional manufacturing methods and quality alive and one way we do this is by using batch method cooking. We produce up to 20 batches of different products each day, so we can make sure we always have the freshest products on offer for our customers.

Many of our chocolates continue to be handmade ­– we hand-foil Easter eggs, hand-dip our truffles and hand-mark individual loose chocolates to identify the fillings. Our chocolates are then carefully packed by hand in boxes or bags.

Over the years, our commitment to the traditional art of fine chocolate making has been recognized with a string of Championship Awards at the Royal Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Shows.

Every year our team of confectioners create a number of new recipes, and perhaps fine-tune some old favourites. Why? Because we want to make sure that we continue to offer our customers a diverse selection of the most delicious chocolates.

And with over 200 Haigh’s varieties to choose from, we think we’ve created something to tempt everyone’s taste buds.